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Silvia Bolzoni, President and CEO of Zeta Service, wins the Cremasca of the Year Award

A kind leader who promotes values such as listening, empathy and respect within her company’s 8 locations. In a few days the Libellula Foundation will be established to fight violence against women and gender discrimination.

Silvia Bolzoni, President and CEO of Zeta Service, a company specializing in human resources management in outsourcing and human capital development, was elected Cremasca of the year, for the deep commitment and excellent results achieved during 2019. A very prestigious prize, which is awarded by a Quality Commission composed of all the economic and social realities of the province of Cremona, in the Lombardy Region, Italy. The award will be assigned on Sunday, January 19th at 16:00, during an official event at the Church of San Bernardino – Auditorium Bruno Manenti, in Piazza Duomo in Crema.

Silvia Bolzoni, CEO and President of Zeta Service

Silvia Bolzoni was chosen for being a kind leader, a charismatic reference who knows how to motivate and guide those who work with her, bringing a corporate vision always attentive to the welfare of employees and collaborators, especially women, who represent about 80%.

For them, benefits and services have been introduced to allow them to reconcile work and private life, with a special focus on those who have children: baby bonuses, paths that promote parenthood not as an obstacle to a career, but as an added value, flexible working hours, the possibility to choose smart working, a “company butler” who takes care of commissions, but also yoga classes against stress, self-defense and the possibility of medical examinations in the workplace.

Among the latest measures introduced, also the official prohibition, communicated to all employees by e-mail, to send and answer work calls and e-mails at the weekend and in the evening, except in real emergencies, to respect the free time of others. Since the foundation of Zeta Service, Silvia Bolzoni has always believed that the happiness and well-being of workers should be one of the pillars of the company. Offering a positive workplace contributes to creating a greater team spirit and collaboration. Employees feel part of a big family, are more motivated and this also makes them more productive, allowing the company to continue to grow.

Zeta Service has also always been at the forefront of the fight against violence and gender discrimination, organizing awareness seminars on these issues, teaching how to recognize the first signs and explaining how to behave. In order to invite other Italian realities to initiate internal policies and concrete actions on these issues, Zeta Service has promoted Progetto Libellula, a network that today includes about 30 companies, and that will become a Foundation by January 2020.

A series of shrewdnesses that have led Zeta Service to win numerous awards, ranking second in the Italian ranking drawn up every year by the Great Place to Work Institute, which identifies the best places to work, and in the top 10 of the best workplaces for the millennials.


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