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I love shopping online! What will happen in Italy during the winter sales

SEMrush has analyzed online searches made in Italy during these weeks of promotions, identifying the purchase preferences of users. Zalando, Zara and Decathlon confirmed as the most searched brands

For about a couple of weeks now, winter sales have started in Italy. According to the estimates of consumer associations, more than 4 Italians out of 10 (41%) will be tempted by discounts, with an average expense according to Confesercenti of 324 euros per family.

Although sales policies regulate by law only physical stores, there are also many online stores that launch very advantageous promotions in this period. And it is precisely on the web that most users are doing their shopping research in this period, as demonstrated by the latest study carried out by SEMrush. Be it a sort of “market survey”, to compare prices or models, or real purchases in online stores, between January and February there is a real boom in online searches, with websites that see a 10 times increase in page accesses.

As also in 2019, even for the 2020 winter sales, the most typed keywords on Italian search engines are confirmed “Zalando saldi”, “Zara saldi” and “Decathlon saldi”, with Zalando and Zara first to parimerito, with a prediction of about 66,000 entries in a month. Slightly less than those related to Decathlon, which will be about 55,200.

They remain just outside the podium “Pandora saldi”, with a prediction of 51,300 sessions in a month, and “Thun saldi”, at 40,500. It is interesting to note that in the first 20 positions, were classified all brands or sales portals of clothing, footwear and accessories, with the only exception in sixth position, held by “Maison du monde saldi”, a French company of furniture, decoration and furnishing accessories, for which 39,425 connections are expected in January 2020.

Just twenty-second is the keyword “Amazon Saldi” (11,350 keystrokes), which is separated by two positions “Ikea saldi” (10,600). To find a shop or a maker of electronic devices, instead, we have to go down to the thirty-eighth position, with “Euronics Saldi”, followed by “Unieuro Saldi”. Only 41st “Apple sales”.


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