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#Istayhome with the animals of Zoomarine!

The Amusement Park has shared online videos, available free of charge, to tell children and teenagers about the animal world.

The Italian Government has extended the lockdown until May 3rd, and therefore also the closure of schools, amusement parks and meeting places. Tens of thousands of children and teenagers locked indoors, between boredom and PC screen. To cheer their days in a fun but at the same time educational way, Zoomarine has decided to produce videos in which they talk about the animals guests of the park. The videos are available online for free.

The Amusement Park, one of the biggest in Italy, houses about 400 animals of over 30 different species. Of these, about 50 have arrived in early 2020, between births and new animals welcomed in this large family bringing joy in a year that does not seem to start in the best way.

We know that for young people this forced lockdown is even more difficult. – Commented Renato Lenzi, CEO of ZoomarineWe take them away from the world at the age when they begin to get to know and explore it. At this delicate time, Zoomarine wants to be a window on the world, or at least on the animal world, bringing children and young people to discover dolphins, penguins, pinnipeds, tropical birds and much more“.

Among the videos, available on Zoomarine’s YouTube channel, the one in the pinnipedi bay, featuring Mattia, one of the Park’s instructors and one of the sea lions, and the one from the dolphin stadium, in the company of Francesca, also a Zoomarine trainer, and the dolphin Lea.

In the videos, the trainers, besides showing these wonderful specimens, explain what their work consists in, and the “typical day” of each animal.

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