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Work, health and new everyday life. What are the prevailing emotions in these months? Fondazione Libellula launches a survey to answer these questions

Analyzing the health and economic consequences is important, but the emotional component should not be underestimated. For this reason, the foundation gives voice to all workers in Italy

The months of lockdown have been very hard on all citizens. During this period, there was an extraordinary race of solidarity that saw many realities, such as Fondazione Libellula, founded by Zeta Service to prevent and combat violence against women and gender discrimination, in the front line to give its contribution to those in need of support.

Great attention is being paid to the health and economic consequences brought by covid19 , but the emotional component, which played a fundamental role during the quarantine, should not be underestimated. Many people found themselves in smart working for the first time, others were laid off, others saw their business suddenly shrink.

What were the prevailing emotions in these months? What are the main concerns for the future? The Dragonfly Foundation wants to go deeper into these aspects and find an answer to these questions, giving a voice to all citizens. To do so, it has launched an online survey open to all people working in any type of company and sector.

To participate in the survey, click on this link and answer questions by May 18.

The data collected will make it possible to photograph the phenomenon we are experiencing and its emotional and relational implications, always keeping a gender-oriented perspective. – Explains Debora Moretti, President of the Dragonfly Foundation – This will allow us to calibrate even better our proposals for intervention inside and outside organizations and to promote a truly inclusive shooting“.


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