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Love and quarantine: increasing conceptions and demands for divorces

The lockdown has amplified feelings, for better or worse, in Italy, but also in Turkey, USA and China. Lawyer Ruggiero: “I have received several requests in this regard. It is important to understand if it is a real desire or a crisis due to the moment”.

The lockdown pushed us to change the family routine, with all the members forced to stay at home all day, every day, deprived of the freedom to go out and continue their lives. A difficult situation, which has generated various forms of stress in most citizens, amplifying emotions and feelings. And it is for this reason that in about 8 or 9 months we will see a strong increase in births, conceived during the days of quarantine, but in the coming weeks we will also see the dissolution of many families.

Unfortunately, however, in many countries that have adopted this regime there is also an increase in requests for separations and divorces. In Turkey, lawyer Engin Karaha said that the number of requests has increased 4 times compared to January, a trend that seems to be spreading also in China and the USA, and that some people fear it may also affect Italy. The Court of Turin, in agreement with the council of the Bar Association, has, therefore, decided to streamline the procedures, in order to avoid crowds in the offices during the coronavirus emergency, allowing spouses who request a consensual separation to do so also by e-mail.

To be able to provide exhaustive data on the phenomenon is not yet possible, but for some weeks now I have been receiving about twice as many requests for information to proceed with the legal separation or to make the divorce effective. – Comments lawyer Valentina Ruggiero, expert in family law – This situation has caused latent tensions to explode or exasperated already critical situations, leading the partners to the decision to take different paths. Given, however, the high emotional stress load of the last two months, my first advice is to assess well with the partner, to understand if it is a crisis due to the moment or if, indeed, the relationship has come to an end. I also advise all my colleagues to try to do the same. In most cases, it is not a decision taken lightly, but a real desire for separation, but I think it is our moral duty to try to identify that small percentage of cases that more than a divorce lawyer needs psychological help“.


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