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Italian users who visited cooking sites increased by 22% in March and 11% in April. Did we really all become chefs during the lockdown?

Lockdown pushed Italians to cook more, and to look for new recipes. is the most consulted website, but the highest growth rate is recorded by the food delivery sites, first of all

As everyone knows, food and cooking are two important elements of Italian culture. Italians like good food, variety and always looking for new ideas. It is not surprising, then, that during the months of lockdown, with more time at their disposal, many people have spent time cooking, experimenting with new recipes. So, did we all really become chefs at the end of the quarantine?

What is certain is the effort in searching for recipes online. According to the survey conducted by SEMrush, Saas’ platform for online visibility management, users who logged on to cooking sites increased by an average of 22% in March and 11% in April, while the number of total sessions increased by 19% in March and 10% in April.

The most visited site was, with 66 million visits in March and 73 million in April. In terms of percentage changes, in March had the highest growth rate (+29% visits, +34% unique users), while in April recorded the highest increase (+17% visits, +22% unique users). The only site to lose some ground in April is Cookaround, which loses almost 3% of the number of visits, while the number of unique users grows by a scarce 2%.

An important volume of traffic, which, thanks also to the numerous posts shared on the various social networks, makes us bet on a clear improvement in the culinary skills of many users in Italy. Parallel to the cooking sites, however, there has also been an important increase (and with higher percentages) in visits to food delivery sites. A simple pleasure or a necessity due to failed recipes?

Hard to say, however, what is evident from the SEMrush survey data is that between March and April these sites had an average increase in the number of visits of 26%, and an increase in unique users of 25%. The most used is, with an average of 3.8 million visits and 1.8 million unique users. The site with the highest increase in visits was, which grew by as much as 43% during the lockdown, while, as far as the number of unique users is concerned, the most important growth was recorded by, with a 28% increase.


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