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Does the sun threaten the beauty of your hair? Tricks to keep it shiny and soft, preventing it from fading colour

Solar filters, vitamin E and natural remedies. Advice from hair stylist Cristiano Russo, to have a silky and shiny hair even in the summer months

Summer is here! After the months of lockdown, there is an even greater desire to be outdoors, to take a walk by the sea or in the mountains, to feel the sun’s rays on your skin. As we all know, the sun is a friend to the well-being, but we must never forget that UVA and UVB radiation can be harmful, so it is essential to protect not only the skin but also the hair with specific products.

For our hair this season can be a nightmare! Much more frequent washings, solar radiation, salt, sand, chlorine… All agents that can make them dry, defibrated, dull and make the colour fade. In order not to have to choose between sun and hair beauty, it is enough to adopt some simple tricks recommended by Cristiano Russo, professional hair stylist very appreciated also by celebrities, with 2 beauty salons in the center of Rome.

The first thing to do – explains Cristiano Russo – is to use shampoos and masks for colored hair or products that contain sunscreens. It may seem a banality to say, but there are very few people who adapt the shampoo and mask to the different needs of the hair in the summer. These formulations contain all the active ingredients needed to nourish and soothe any irritation to the scalp. Among the most important elements that we have to verify the presence of, certainly include argan and linseed oil, but above all vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant“.

By adapting the beauty routine to the particular needs of the summer season, we should guarantee our hair months of softness and shine, avoiding the risk of split ends and frizzy and dry hair. As far as colour is concerned, some people love the effect that the sun has on their hair, creating lightening. In fact, the reason for the colour change is that ultraviolet rays damage the pigment and in the long run the hair loses its beauty. This is the reason why the longer you are exposed to direct sunlight, the more lightening is achieved.

If you want to lighten the shade a bit, it is better to use other methods, putting yourself in the hands of professionals. – Continues Russo – In addition to protecting skin and hair with the appropriate filters, we must not forget about hydration, either by drinking a lot or by putting very moisturizing products on the hair, even at the beach. After every bath, whether in the sea or in the pool, we always rinse our heads with plenty of water. Periodically, I suggest to use instead of the usual mask coloured creams based on vegetable keratin, which, besides nourishing, give tone to the hair, whether blond or brown, but also red“.

In case of emergency intervention, maybe when you are out, or you can’t find the specific products, an alternative, natural and do-it-yourself solution comes from our pantry.

If the colour appears off, you can make a mask by mixing egg, olive oil and apple vinegar, so as to nourish the hair and make the colour brighter and more brilliant. If, on the other hand, the problem is opacity and dry hair, simply prepare a pack with coconut milk. You will get a fantastic softness and brightness!” concludes Russo.

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