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Mario Draghi’s international reputation improves Italy’s reputation by 16%. The data of the study

The data from the Reputation Rating algorithm show an improvement in Italy’s reputation just on the assumption of Draghi as Prime Minister. The Reputation Driver of financial performance, grow at +32%.

The mere hypothesis that Mario Draghi might take on the role of Prime Minister has led to an improvement in Italy’s reputation of 16 percentage points. A data that is transformed into economic capital, thanks to the trust of markets and institutions.

This is what emerges from the analysis carried out by through the patented Reputation Rating algorithm, which weighs and measures its dimensions, certifying a series of objective and subjective parameters, through blockchain technology.

After only 24 hours from the first data collected, the algorithm has detected an increase in Italy’s Reputation of about 16 percentage points, also considering the bad starting situation caused by the political crisis in progress in recent weeks, which has had a negative impact.

Mario Draghi

Analysing the increase specifically, as regards the Drivers that determine the value of Reputation, Leadership and, above all, Performance, understood in the financial sense, are among the most relevant. In particular, Italy’s reputation in terms of financial performance skyrocketed, recording +32%, thanks to international confidence in a figure like Mario Draghi, one of the first to come to mind in terms of reliability in investments.

Most of the people who think so, and therefore we are talking about Stakeholders, are citizens, as shown by the Sentiment Analysis of users online, which analyzes blog posts, social networks and forums, which shows a positive sentiment of 71% around the keywords related to Draghi Premier. Excellent feedback also from Investors and International Institutions, which express full confidence in the figure of Draghi, which is also reflected in the market, with the strong rise in Piazza Affari and the Spread that goes down to 100.

Also positive were the mentions deriving from analyses and reports by Unicredit, Equita, BofA, Citi and Banca Akros, which participated as important data-entries in the general estimate of Reputation Rating increase. Finally, Italy’s Reputation does not increase by recording the performance of mentions by important Stakeholders such as Ministers and internal Politicians, engaged in self-referential debates, proving the clear crisis of the current policy.

Davide Ippolito

This is one of those emblematic cases in which the reputation of a single person immediately becomes economic capital transferred to an entire nation. Davide Ippolito, co-founder of Reputation Rating, explains – Mario Draghi has such a highly consolidated international reputation that the mere news of his possible appointment has brought economic benefits to Italy that will be seen, if the hypothesis of government goes through, in the very short term. The concept of Reputation is very complex and implies aspects that, if managed in an integrated and sequential manner, allow positive results to be achieved in terms of trust and perception. We hope that politics understands the delicate moment, and how important it is at this time not to fail to meet our international commitments“.

Research on Mario Draghi and Italy’s Reputation

The Reputation Rating algorithm, weighs and measures the dimensions of reputation, certifying a series of objective and subjective parameters, through blockchain technology.
In detail, an analysis of:

  • media intelligence, where the algorithm collected and compared the Sentiment and content of the comments of the main international newspapers, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, the Times, Le Monde, LesEchos, Euronews, Der Spiegel, Tagesschau, El Mundo, El Pais, Xinhua, Cgtn and many others.
  • Web Reputation analysis, with a general survey of the online sentiment of users in Italy and around the world, using the algorithm to analyze keywords and topics such as #MarioDraghi #DraghiPremier #ItalyDraghi #ItalyPoliticalCrisis, to study their impact on Reputation. In this analysis, mainly tweets and statements of politicians and international institutions were taken into consideration.

This activity produced about 143,000 results, which were processed by the Reputation Rating algorithm. The results were then weighted based on estimated audience coverage (measured in impressions and total coverage) and average daily visitors using Alexa

As far as the impact on Reputation is concerned, this is calculated by dividing the Reputation into 10 reputational assets, which allow to study the different aspects and interlocutors of such a vast and heterogeneous concept as Reputation: the Drivers, i.e. Products and Services, Leadership, CSR, Governance, Performance, and the Stakeholders, i.e. Citizens, Investors, Ministers and Politicians, International Institutions, Suppliers.


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