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Don’t flush the environment down the toilet! The ironic Road to green 2020 communication campaign

The Association launches an irreverent communication campaign on social networks to raise awareness of the correct disposal of waste, reminding citizens not to flush it down the toilet.

Everything we flush down the toilet ends up in rivers and the sea. A gesture that may seem harmless and unimportant can cause serious damage to the environment.

Sometimes things are flushed down the toilet out of carelessness or simply because people are not aware of the consequences that Q-tip, cotton swab or plaster can have for all of us. For this reason, Road to green 2020, an association for the promotion of environmental sustainability, has launched the fun and irreverent social campaign “Non buttare l’ambiente nel cesso” (Don’t flush the environment down the toilet).

From March 1st, the association’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin channels will be sharing 20 surreal, cartoon-style scenarios showing how the rubbish that is mistakenly flushed down the toilet every day interferes with the lives of marine animals or those living in rivers, ponds and lakes. A light and amusing style, immediate and suitable to be understood and appreciated by citizens of all ages.

Based on an idea of Barbara Molinario, President of Road to green 2020, the campaign was entirely developed within the association, with texts and creativity by Alessia Piccioni and graphics by Elettra Nicotra and Erica Paris.


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