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World Sleep Day: 82% of entrepreneurs sleep badly, of which 87% have a mattress that is not suited to their physical characteristics

A survey by the Performance Research Centre of 4 MAN Consulting and Rinaldi Group shows how the mattress can affect sleep quality and performance.

19 March 2021 will see the worldwide celebration of World Sleep Day, an annual event dedicated to the importance of sleep to foster a more conscious sleep culture. With the Covid-19 emergency, more and more people have started to suffer from sleep disorders with serious health and social costs for the community.

The Performance Study Centre of 4 MAN Consulting, a business consultancy specialising in performance management that has been helping entrepreneurs and professionals improve their performance for years, and Rinaldi Group, a historic manufacturer and distributor of mattresses, the first in Italy to certify well-being and comfort, has found that out of over 1,000 entrepreneurs and professionals, around 82% suffer from sleep disorders and of these 87% sleep on a mattress that is not suited to their physical characteristics.

Roberto Castaldo, CEO & Founder of 4 MAN, explains: “The study found that sleep is one of the primary moments of refreshment and therefore of well-being and has a clear impact on performance. The choice of mattress, position, light and pre-sleep habits are just some of the variables that affect efficiency levels“.

According to EBIA, the European association of mattress manufacturers, the average per capita expenditure for exercise is 10 euros per week and 20 euros per week for nutrition, only 2 euros per week for sleep. This is in stark contrast to the time devoted to these pillars of well-being: 0.5 h/day for exercise, 1 h/day for nutrition and 7/8 h/day for sleep.

This data – continues Roberto Castaldo – shows how much the perception of commonplaces impacts on our habits. In the world of sport, attention has been paid for years to sleep-related wellbeing as a major variable on performance, and this is also evident in the case of work. Sleeping is one of man’s basic needs and people spend an average of 25 years of their lives sleeping, so it follows that the way we sleep cannot be underestimated, especially as it has an undeniable impact on performance“.

Sleep disorders also have a related social cost for society. There is a growing need, therefore, to influence the way we sleep by having a healthier lifestyle, eliminating some bad habits, such as using a smartphone before going to bed, and also choosing the right mattress, as well as the position we take to fall asleep.

The choice of mattress, the quality of air and light in the room, combined with breathing exercises and task management methods and a proper diet, put our minds and bodies in a position to perform more and better.


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