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Online job search: what has changed in the year of the covid

According to Semrush’s analysis, “bonus for unemployed” (+2.198%) is the search with the greatest increase, together with “agile work” (+812%). Users who would like to work for Amazon (+236%), Bartolini (+71%) and MD (70%) are increasing. is the most clicked portal, the one with the highest growth.

In 2020, not only the world of work changed, but also the way of looking for work. In one year, 662,000 jobs were lost in Italy, and over four billion hours of unemployment benefits were paid out (INPS data), prompting many people to look online for a solution to their new situation.

To identify what the new trends are, Semrush, a Saas platform for online visibility management, has analysed the searches made online by users in Italy.

According to the analysis, the search that recorded the greatest increase was “unemployment bonus” (+2,198% compared to 2019), typed on search engines with an average of 3,428 times per month. The issue of bonuses, in particular the specific ones allocated to combat the economic crisis brought on by the covid, kept the interest of the web alive throughout the year. “Bonus 600 euro unemployed” was searched on average almost 2,500 times every month, with a peak of 14,800 searches in April 2020.

14,300 monthly digits for the item “agile work“, which has grown exponentially in the last 12 months among the offices of the Bel Paese. As for the web, its increase was 812%, reaching its peak in March 2020 with 74,000 searches. There was also a significant increase for the item “work from home“, which with over 56,000 monthly searches recorded a +29% on 2019, and for “remote work“, which grew by 303%, with an average of 810 hits per month.

It is also interesting to note how users’ desire to go and work for certain specific companies has increased, especially supermarkets and couriers, probably seen as safer professions during the pandemic and less at risk of possible redundancies or layoffs.

The item “work with Amazon” is the one that has recorded the highest increase (+236%), with more than 11,300 searches every month, and peaks of 22,000 in September and November 2020. “Bartolini work with us“, on the other hand, recorded +71%, with an average of 11,500 hits every month, reaching 18,100 in September, November and December 2020.

Growth at +70% for the item “MD work with us“, which in 2020 recorded an average of almost 14,000 searches each month, and peaks of 22,200 in September, October and November 2020 and January 2021, while “Coop work with us” marks a +56%, with a monthly average of almost 15,700 hits, and, as in the previous case, and peaks of 22,200 in September, October and November 2020 and January 2021.

Finally, with regard to job search sites, was the most clicked portal, almost 14million and 900 thousand times each month (+15% on 2019), while was the one with the highest growth, with a 79% increase on the previous year and an average of over 3 million hits per month.


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