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Good, healthy Italian food travels across Europe with Healthy Food Delivery by Antiaging Italian Food

The innovative startup launched by nutritionist Chiara Manzi, which combines a love of good food with a desire to be fit and healthy, is launching a crowfunding initiative to continue to make people eat well in Italy and abroad.

For more than a year now, the restaurant industry in Italy has been going through a period of deep difficulty, made up of continuous closures and reopenings with heavy restrictions. Among those who have chosen to react to the crisis with strength is certainly Antiaging Italian Food, the innovative startup launched by nutritionist Chiara Manzi, 2018 Health Oscar winner in the field of nutrition, which aims to revolutionise the Healthy Food Delivery sector.

The Antiaging Italian Food dishes are online at and are created in the certified Gluten Free laboratories of the Libra Restaurant in Bologna, Italy, the first of an ambitious project.

This is the first of an ambitious project. Here, weekly and monthly menus are prepared to eat healthy and lose weight or stay in shape, while enjoying the most delicious dishes of our tradition, including lasagne, carbonara, pizza, fried food and desserts.

Already active with a delivery service throughout Italy, Antiaging Italian Food is now aiming to reach all European countries, offering the opportunity to enjoy healthy and genuine dishes from our culinary tradition, which help to stay healthy. In order to support its project, which also includes the opening of other physical restaurants and retail outlets selling exclusive products certified for nutritional safety, as well as the organisation of anti-aging cooking courses and events, the start-up has opened a crowdfunding account on the platform.

This is a very important project for me, conceived together with Danilo Pertosa and on which I have been working for years with my staff: it is growing exponentially with great enthusiasm from our 4,000 customers. – Dr Chiara Manzi comments – On the first of December 2018, we opened Libra in Bologna, the first RistoDelivery Multi Experience Antiaging Italian Food in the World, which offers exclusively Cucina Evolution certified dishes. In a short time, Libra has also become the meeting point of a community enthusiastic about anti-aging food that is also gluttonous and Made in Italy, a venue for events, a venue for masters and cooking courses.

All the dishes are the result of 13 years of research by the nutritionist specialising in Antiaging Nutrition and president of Cucina Evolution Academy, the European Academy of Antiaging Culinary Nutrition. The recipes are the result of years of work and research with great chefs, from Massimo Bottura to Gualtiero Marchesi, including Davide Comaschi, world pastry champion and Cristian Duca, the VIP chef and executive of the Villa Paradiso Beauty Farm.

Antiaging Italian Food products are certified for nutritional safety, a certification validated by Certiquality, and comply with a strict specification. The 7 pillars to obtain the certification are: Foods of high nutritional quality; More&Less: recipes rich in vitamins and antioxidants with fewer calories, fat, sugar and salt; Right amounts of nutrients according to WHO guidelines; Methods of preparation, preservation and cooking that enhance the nutritional qualities of foods; Right food combinations; Recipes from Italian tradition; Excellent taste.


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