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Don’t give up with pizza! Healthy foods you don’t expect

Yes to fried food and chocolate, but it is also important to eat inulin and turmeric. Dr Chiara Manzi explains how to combine and cook foods so as not to give up anything, to be healthy and stay in shape or get back in shape.

Good food is one of the most popular “vice” of Italians, who tend to indulge in small sins of gluttony quite often, only to feel guilty about their figure or well-being. Some foods are often considered unhealthy, but in reality they are not so bad for you, and if you include them in your diet in the right way, they can be trusted allies for your well-being.

As explains Dr Chiara Manzi, Italian nutritionist and university lecturer, Europe’s leading expert in Culinary Nutrition:

While it is true that everyone should adopt a varied and balanced diet based on their own needs, and that in case of pathologies or food sensitivities, it is always advisable to consult your doctor, I believe the time has come to absolve those foods or cooking methods that have long been unfairly ‘accused’ of being unhealthy“.

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