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Online job search: what has changed in the year of the covid

According to Semrush’s analysis, “bonus for unemployed” (+2.198%) is the search with the greatest increase, together with “agile work” (+812%). Users who would like to work for Amazon (+236%), Bartolini (+71%) and MD (70%) are increasing. is the most clicked portal, the one with the highest growth.

In 2020, not only the world of work changed, but also the way of looking for work. In one year, 662,000 jobs were lost in Italy, and over four billion hours of unemployment benefits were paid out (INPS data), prompting many people to look online for a solution to their new situation.

To identify what the new trends are, Semrush, a Saas platform for online visibility management, has analysed the searches made online by users in Italy.

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