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In which countries of the world are the companies with the best reputation?

In the top 5 of Zwan’s ranking of 35 countries worldwide, 4 are European. Itay 32nd, USA just 21st. Davide Ippolito (CEO Zwan): “Italian companies must adapt to the new global standards. The main critical points are in the management of careers, salaries and diversity”.

Iceland is the country where companies have the best reputation in the world. This was established by the analysis carried out by Zwan, a company specializing in corporate reputation, through the Reputation Rating algorithm, which weighs and measures the size, certifying a series of objective and subjective parameters, through blockchain technology.

Next in the rankings are Norway, Sweden, New Zealand and Switzerland, which make up the top quintet of the 35 major world countries analyzed (these are 4 out of 5 European nations). Great Britain ranks 12th, while the United States of America must “settle” for 21st place. Unfortunately, from this study do not emerge positive results for Italy, only in 32nd position, at the fourth last place of the classification.

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